Nourishing the Soil
of organizational resilience and sustainability

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Te Ha in the Maori language: the breath of life we all share. Te Ha is a new global indigenous alliance and network, bringing communities together in physical and virtual spaces for reciprocal learning and mutual support. The purpose of Te Ha is to ignite and strengthen intercultural solidarity, collective action, and reciprocity founded in Indigenous sovereignty/autonomy and ways of knowing, learning, and being in relation to the lands, seas, and skies.

 Program Goals

Increase organizational capacity, resilience and sustainability for all partners

Revitalize Indigenous lifeways and create unity and healing through reigniting ceremony and related cultural practices

Develop educational programs based in decolonizing our minds/bodies and land/sea-based learning and sharing

Support self-determined, sovereign/autonomous, and resilient communities who safe-guard Indigenous rights through collective action

Affirm Indigenous ways of knowing and sharing through language, cultural arts, oral traditions, media and a Native web

Protect ancestral territories and sacred places, both lands and waters

Renew sustainable, interdependent Indigenous ways of doing and knowing in relation with the earth, especially in the face of climate change

Support thriving, healthy communities rooted in food and seed sovereignty

The Cultural Conservancy is developing this alliance with our partner Pou Kapua Pacific from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and other Mino-Niibi Fund partners.  

In doing so, we question colonial and political boundaries by renewing ancestral trails, trade routes, and exchanges. For example, we manifest and implement the prophecy of the eagle of North America and the condor of South America (Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor), and renew the ocean trade routes and voyages between the Pacific Islands and the Americas.

At Escuela K'ikotemal with Te Ha partners as a part of the 2016 Te Ha gathering in Guatemala.

At Escuela K'ikotemal with Te Ha partners as a part of the 2016 Te Ha gathering in Guatemala.


The founding members of this alliance are our Mino-Niibi Fund grantee partners and the networks they work with.
See our Mino-Niibi Fund page for a list of grantees.

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Photos on this page by Melissa Nelson and Nícola Wagenberg. Poster design by Wikuki Kingi.