In this book, indigenous leaders and other visionaries suggest solutions to today’s global crisis, exploring the convergence of indigenous and contemporary science and the re-indigenization of the world’s peoples. Edited by Melissa K. Nelson, PhD, President of TCC.

Songscapes of Native America CD

The songs on this album represent a rich diversity of tribal traditions, from the Great Plains of the Dakota nation to the desert canyon lands of the Shoshone and Navajo, from the coastal bluffs of Native California to the mountain winds of the Peruvian Andes.

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The Salt Song Trail: A Living Documentary DVD

The two videos featured in this community-produced DVD chronicle the gatherings and sings at the Stewart Indian Boarding School in Carson City, Nevada in October 2006 and at the Old Woman Mountains in California's Mojave Desert in April 2007.

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The Salt Song Trail Map: the Sacred Landscape of the Nuwuvi People

The multi-dimensional map invites our engagement with the land. The exquisite design and patterns of the earth from satellite photographs are portrayed through a textured relief that gives form to the cultural teachings of the Nuwuvi. The 2’ by 3’ poster will be proudly displayed in kitchens and living rooms, at preschools and senior centers, in health clinics and tribal headquarters. The map is a way to display cultural pride, traditional knowledge and survivance – the healing transformation that occurs through cultural revitalization and the continued resistance to colonialism.

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