Voices & Visions of Indigenous Terra Madre

Indigenous Terra Madre is the gathering of indigenous communities and supporters that form part of the Slow Food movement. In November of 2015, representatives of 148 tribes from 58 countries gathered in Shillong, Khasiland, Meghalaya, India, to share information, strategies and resources around indigenous food and biocultural diversity. This video shares some of their voices and visions.

By advocating for the continued custody by indigenous people of their native lands, Indigenous Terra Madre supports groups throughout the world in maintaining important biodiversity and food culture. Small-scale farmers protect their lands and the seeds, animals, and other living organisms they host. Their stewardship represents a vital component of the Slow Food Movement, and at the 2015 gathering we hear these indigenous voices at the forefront calling for the right to uphold a relationship to the natural wold.

Voices and Visions is produced by The Cultural Conservancy, The Christensen Fund, and Swift Foundation.


Field Production

Woven Path

Direction, Camera, Editing

Mateo Hinojosa

Production, Sound

Mwende Hahesy

 Executive Production

Melissa K. Nelson



Mongolian Songs: Pung Cholom

Pastoralist song: African Delegation

Ichananaw song: Manuel Onalan

Garo song: Sengran A. Sangma & band

Berber song: Mohamet

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