Animating Our Voices
Illuminating our world with new and ancestral media

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Native youth, part of our Summer 2014 Media and Foodways Internship, film the process of sifting acorn flour.


Create spaces and provide resources for producing, preserving & distributing media created by and for Native communities in the Bay Area, California, and worldwide.

Produce video, audio, and multimedia works with Native voices & vision.

Facilitate community media trainings and Native media distribution.

Provide bridges for intertribal and global indigenous knowledge-sharing through digital archives, media collections and repatriation




This short documentary, Seeds of our Ancestors grew out of the poetic explorations of native urban youth as they struggle to overcome trauma caused by colonized/industrial foods and awaken to the healing and nourishment of native foodways from their own traditions and those of others. It was made as a part of our Youth Rising eco-cultural health program in 2015.

In addition to short documentary production and documentation of indigenous teachings, elders, and intergenerational eco-cultural healing processes, we also participate in larger productions, such as the feature film Spectacular Movements, a documentary co-produced by The Cultural Conservancy and directed by our Media Director Mateo Hinojosa. This film was released in 2015, and is available for community screenings.

Spectacular Movements: a journey of memory, identity, and justice.  
Learn more about Spectacular Movements, and watch the full film.

The Cultural Conservancy has been involved for over a decade in The Salt Song Trail Project  of the Southern Paiute Nation, working closely Vivienne Jake (Kaibab Paiute) and Matthew Leivas, Sr. (Chemehuevi), Salt Song Project Directors to produce an award-winning documentary, a map of the Salt Song Trail, and song revitalization. Visit our Salt Song Trail Project Page to learn more.

We are honored to have co-produced the Indigenous Forum at Bioneers with the Indigenous Environmental Network, and to have recorded the indigenous leaders present. Here is one video from 2014, exposing the impact of the Bakken oil fields on Fr. Berthold Indian Reservation:

One of our early multimedia projects, CIRCLE OF STORIES - video series and interactive web site, features wisdom from elders. It was co-produced with Philomath Films, ITVS, PBS, and Second Story (2002).


We created the Sacred Land Media Collaborative to share stories of both resistance to the destruction of sacred places and efforts to revitalize traditional cultural practices. These stories inform, inspire, and give strength and hope to others, leading to a healthier and more vibrant world. The Sacred Land Media Collaborative merges our communities and creates new tools for protection of sacred places. These include collaborative film screenings and educational events, designing discussion guides and curricula, and sharing documentary filmmaking skills to better train and support a new generation of indigenous media-makers.


For decades, we have been partnering with indigenous communities, both urban and rural, to collaborate on hands-on media trainings, including documentary production, video post-production, audio production, and audiovisual storytelling in many formats. 


The Cultural Conservancy has recorded many songs, musicians and oral histories. We have recorded many stories, elders transmitting knowledge, conferences and panels with Native leaders.  Visit our page dedicated to the Traditional Foodways of Native America Audio Project to learn about Turtle Island's powerful leaders revitalizing food traditions. Or, visit our Songscapes of Native America Audio CD page to hear a sample of some of these gems.

Photo credits: Mateo Hinojosa, Melissa K. Nelson, Nícola Wagenberg