Cabildo Mayor Indígena de Chigorodó

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Guardians of Wisdom: Pedagogy of the Ancestral Songs of the Grandmothers

Country: Colombia
Communities: Embera, Eyabida and Chamí
Grant awarded: 2018
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This project aims to recover and dignify the wisdom that the Embera women preserve with their ancestral songs. A recovery and compilation of the ancestral songs or Truambis will be carried out in the 5 indigenous communities of Chigorodó, generating intergenerational training spaces among women, children and young people to make visible the importance of Embera women in their culture. The youth group and the seeds of communication of the Indigenous Cabildo de Chigorodó will be directly involved in the execution of the project, providing workshops on research of their own culture, cultural empowerment and audiovisual techniques so that they can obtain suitable tools that can be used in the field. With the material that is collected, a series of 4 audiovisual chapters will be made about the ancestral songs, a fiction or story, a sonoteca (a sound library) and several infographics about the life of the women singers. This material will be shared and delivered in the schools of the communities, sensitizing the teachers about the wisdom of the women and the importance of teaching the ancestral songs in indigenous schools and community spaces.