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International Folk Arts Market — Santa Fe, New Mexico

Join us in Santa Fe!  We will be there to support two weavers from of a fair-trade women’s cooperative that engages traditional knowledge for economic gain and gender equality, and that includes all the families of the Totobiegosode-Ayoreo

The Totobiegosode-Ayoreo people of northern Paraguay are renowned for their creativity and skill in creating beautiful, traditional utebetade  bags.  Crafted entirely by hand from sustainably-gathered wild plant fibers in a process taking 3-6 weeks per bag, each is a unique artistic expression of traditional clan designs and motifs inspired by creation myths.  


One hundred percent of proceeds from the marketing of these bags is returned to the women of the Totobiegosode-Ayoreo communities, where it provides a critical source of employment and empowerment.

Later Event: November 2
Indigenous Terra Madre