The Inaugural 7th Generation Global Wopida Run: Sharing the Spirit of Standing Rock, Protecting and Restoring Mother Earth and Building a Global Fire of Compassion
12:00 pm12:00

The Inaugural 7th Generation Global Wopida Run: Sharing the Spirit of Standing Rock, Protecting and Restoring Mother Earth and Building a Global Fire of Compassion

  • The Great Meadow at Fort Mason

The Inaugural 7th Generation Global Wopida Run: Sharing the Spirit of Standing Rock, Protecting and Restoring Mother Earth and Building a Global Fire of Compassion.

A coalition of partners is hosting the Inaugural Global Wopida Run, led by Great Sioux Nation Youth Runners, across the Golden Gate Bridge carrying the Global Compassion Torch of solidarity, hope, and the spirit of Standing Rock to the Great Meadow at Fort Mason on Sunday, February 5th at 12:00 PM.

The 7th Generation Prophecy promised that this generation of Indigenous young people, guided by their Elders, would rise up and inspire other young people of the Human Family to join them in unprecedented, unified, prayerful action to Protect and Restore Mother Earth.

The Dakota people have a special ceremony, Wopida. Wopida is a sacred sharing of gratitude, a connecting with all beings through thanksgiving for all the countless gifts and blessings from the Creator in our lives. Often this includes sharing food and giving gifts of thanksgiving to those who have sacrificed for the upliftment of the People.

The purpose of the Global Wopida Inaugural Run is to be grateful for whatever Life bestows on us, knowing that every test and challenge comes into our lives for our spiritual growth and development to protect and restore Mother Earth. 

This spiritual understanding of Wopida requires each of us to live with honor, compassion, love, respect and harmony with all life. The coalition is hosting the 7th Generation Runners in San Francisco during World Interfaith Harmony Week. 

Ms. Bobbi Jean Three Legs, Hunkpapa Lakota, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Chris Walton and other youth runners from the Oceti Sakowin, the Seven Council Fires of the Great Sioux Nation, will be joined by local 7th Generation Runners from the Four Directions. 

The Runners will share their enthusiasm, vision, and words to co-create a just, sustainable and harmonious world by building a global fire of compassionate action to unite the Human Family. We will pass the Global Compassion Torch as part of the Wopida Ceremony taking place on the Great Meadow.

The inspiration for the Inaugural 7th Generation Run began in August of 2016 when the Standing Rock Youth Runners, led by the Ms. Three Legs, ran 2,000 miles to Washington DC and brought national and international attention to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their supporters. Their run broadened the impact of those protecting the waters of the Missouri River against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and raised a global cry: “Mni Wiconi - Water is Life.”

Traditionally, Indigenous Peoples across the Americas ran on foot to carry important messages. The Inaugural Global Wopida Run shares the news that at this time of great global change, the promised time has come for the 7th Generation to arise and inspire all generations to heal and resolve “Standing Rocks” everywhere on Mother Earth. Guided by their elders, the Runners carry the message that we are one Human Family, interrelated with all Life, and share a common destiny. The Hurt of One is the Hurt of All, the Honor of One is the Honor of All.

In the Spirit of the Wopida Ceremony, we request that attendees bring a favorite dish to share, as well as, their own plate and silverware. 

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 4th, the 7th Generation Runners, who have participated as Water Protectors at Standing Rock, will be honored at the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) 6th Annual Two-Spirit Powwow, taking place at Fort Mason.

The coalition of partners include (alphabetical): Compassion Games International, The Cultural Conservancy, E2K, Fetzer Institute, Four Worlds International, Four Worlds Europe, Pachamama Alliance, Seat of the Soul Institute, Seeding Sovereignty, The Shift Network, Unify, United Religions Initiative, and We The World. 

The Goals of the Inaugural 7th Generation Global Wopida Run:

* To share the Spirit of Standing Rock and intent of the Global Wopida.

* To share the enthusiasm, the prophecy, vision, and words of the 7th Generation to ignite unprecedented, unified, prayerful, and enduring compassionate action to Protect and Restore Mother Earth.

* To unite the members of the human family to co-create a just, sustainable and harmonious world.

* To ignite a global fire of gratitude, love, and thanksgiving everywhere all at once.

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits Powwow
10:00 am10:00

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits Powwow

  • Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits announces our 6TH ANNUAL community Two-Spirit Powwow
LOCATION: The Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason (next to last year’s venue)
DATE: February 4th , 2017
TIME: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

From the organizers, BAAITS:
All are welcome!
Contest Powwow - all dancers & drums welcome!
Produced by the Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits (BAAITS)
General Inquiries:
Vendor Inquiries:

Want to Volunteer? (Much help needed) :

<> <> <> <> <> <> 

The annual event continues to grow! last year we welcomed more than 3000 Native American and non-Native people alike. Our Two-Spirit Powwow embraces traditional Native American culture while also providing a uniquely San Francisco experience. 

9:30 am09:30

Water Prayer Gathering

Join us for a blessing to the water at El Polin Springs, the only natural spring in the city of San Francisco. We will meet at the Rx Café for a short walk together to the springs. After the ceremony, we will collectively walk back to the Rx Café for complimentary refreshments and conversation.

Native community leaders, Vincent Medina (Chochenyo Ohlone) and April McGill (Pomo/Wappo), will be joining us for this gathering. 

Spectacular Movements feature film screening Oakland
7:00 pm19:00

Spectacular Movements feature film screening Oakland

  • The New Parkway Theater

Come see the first Bay Area public screening of the feature documentary *SPECTACULAR MOVEMENTS* at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland!

The film follows the journey of ten Bolivian youth
who recreate revolutionary history, seek memory, demand overdue justice,
and reforge their indigenous-mestizo identity through creative performance,
manifesting spectacular movements.

~ Movimientos Espectaculares ~ a feature documentary ~ a Bolivian, Venezuelan and US production ~ Co-produced by The Cultural Conservancy

Q&A with Director Mateo Hinojosa following screening.

Buy your tickets online now, only $7!

AND: we'll be selling our brand-new just-screenprinted T-shirts!

For more about the film, see the pressbook.
And watch the trailer here:

Three Sisters Planting Day
10:00 am10:00

Three Sisters Planting Day

  • Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden

The Cultural Conservancy invites you to join us for a ceremonial planting and honoring of the Three Sisters, corn, beans, & squash, with special guest teachings on Indigenous land management, permaculture, seeds, and soil. Enjoy a delicious Native Foods lunch.

Please RSVP to

Suggested donation $25

Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden 1800 Ignacio Blvd. Novato, CA

5:00 pm17:00

Walking the Shoreline: Native Foodways and Waterways Indigenous Art Show Opening and 30th Anniversary Party

Join us in celebrating 30 years of Indigenous cultural arts through an art show featuring Indigenous traditional and contemporary art from the Americas and Pacific.

\With supporters, friends and family, we will celebrate at the Tides Thoreau Center, where The Cultural Conservancy has been based for 20 years.

Featuring renowned Native artists such as: Frank LaPena, Lyn Risling, Julian Lang, George Blake, Tonu Shane Eagleton, Edward Willie, Marva Jones, Kathy Wallace, Wikuki Kingi, Sarah Sense and others.

Opening: May 5th, 5 - 7 pm
On Display Until: June 16th

Opening will feature traditional opening with Ohlone songs and guest performance by Ras K’Dee (Afro-Pomo). Indigenous appetizers and beverages will be served.

Where: China Brotsky & SEED Galleries at Tides Thoreau Center
1016 Lincoln Blvd.
Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129

Nov 7

Indigenous Terra Madre

  • Shillong India

The Cultural Conservancy is proud to be sending a delegation to the Indigenous Terra Madre gathering in Meghalaya, India, with the generous support of The Christensen Fund.  We will be sending our Foodways Director Kaylena Bray, our Media Director Mateo Hinojosa, and others.

Jul 12

International Folk Arts Market — Santa Fe, New Mexico

Join us in Santa Fe!  We will be there to support two weavers from of a fair-trade women’s cooperative that engages traditional knowledge for economic gain and gender equality, and that includes all the families of the Totobiegosode-Ayoreo

The Totobiegosode-Ayoreo people of northern Paraguay are renowned for their creativity and skill in creating beautiful, traditional utebetade  bags.  Crafted entirely by hand from sustainably-gathered wild plant fibers in a process taking 3-6 weeks per bag, each is a unique artistic expression of traditional clan designs and motifs inspired by creation myths.  


One hundred percent of proceeds from the marketing of these bags is returned to the women of the Totobiegosode-Ayoreo communities, where it provides a critical source of employment and empowerment.